Me, Myself and I

My name is Lauren Hutchinson and I am a photography student at Randolph Community College. I am concentrating in Portrait and Studio Management. I love to take pictures of people, typically trying to catch them in the moment. Once I graduate I plan to work towards opening my own wedding and portrait photography business.


4 Responses to “Me, Myself and I”

  1. the bride looks very much in love. you have capture to moment in her eyes.

  2. very nice work in the portrait field

  3. Hey, saw the link to your page on your FB page. It looks like you’re just getting started, but so far, some very, very good pics. Glad to see you’re so passionate about what you do. Trust me, passion about your job makes doing it so, so much better. Good luck at RCC and with photography in general. I’ll check back often to see some new pics!

  4. you’re the best! everyone is forever complimenting your work with ty!

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