Composite- Digital Imaging

•December 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

For our digital imaging class we were asked to create a composite using a theme pulled from a hat.  The three words I choose were; Vogue (Theme), Aging with Beauty (human element), and Water (object).  I got the idea for my final image from a small boutique in my home town.  It is a store that caters to mothers and daughters- called Hip Chics.  I photographed a mother and her two daughters for the human element.  For this shoot, I put up a white backdrop and shot using an monolight and speed light.  The flower and wall came from a photosafari that I went on this semester.  The water droplets were created in photoshop.  Here is my final image…

Hip Chics- Mothers and Daughters growing together beautifully.

Hip Chics- Mothers and Daughters growing together beautifully.


The Anderson’s

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This is my third time shooting the lovely Anderson family.  Becky is a friend of mine from back in my YMCA days and we have done belly shots, Caroline’s 1 month and now Caroline’s 3 month/Christmas.  Becky and I had a lot of fun at this shoot- and so did Caroline once we got her out of her Christmas dress! Here are a few of Becky and I’s favorites!


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While visiting a friend this past week- I could not help but take some pictures of her four month old Ty.  Ty has been a model for me on multiple occassions and was adorable as usual.  He seems to have discovered his feet recently and the fact that at this point in time- he can still get them in his mouth!

Professional Wedding Portraiture- Full Length Bridal

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For our last assignment in Professional Wedding Portraiture, we were asked to produce a full length bridal.  Being the big fan of black and white that I am, I knew I wanted to do something either high key or very contrasty.  So I tried both.  Here is my favorite from the shoot.



•November 25, 2008 • 2 Comments

While shooting for another assignment, Sven the cat decided he wanted to become a model for me.  He was very interested in the camera so this made for some good shots.  We moved the chair he was sitting on closer to the window light and I fired away.  Here are a couple of my favorites…

Professional Wedding Portraiture- Mock Wedding

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Our big assignment for our professional wedding portraiture class is the Mock Wedding.  Our teacher goes through alot of effort to create this event for us and it was much appreciated. Here are a few of my favorite from the wedding.


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As I looked for a free choice to turn in this week, I realized that I have not been out shooting for fun much lately.  So I dug through the archives a little bit and decided to post a few of my pictures from Hawaii this summer.  I had the fortunate opportunity of going to Hawaii this summer as a nanny.  While it was difficult find time to take pictures with 3 kids hanging on you, here are a few from my trip.